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 the 8th annual

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You must be a member of the Academy of Texas Music, Inc.
Here are the basic qualifications for each award with respect to the need for a qualifying release.  There are other qualifications and criteria that you must know about.  You can find all the information about the process and qualifications at the TMA website.  Click on PROCESS AND GUIDELINES.
AwardQualifying release and release period
Live BandNone, but releases within the last 36 months increase criteria match.
Top five bands who meet criteria and highest nomination count will be offered the nomination.
EntertainerMust have qualifying release within last 36 months.
Singer/SongwriterMust have qualifying release within last 36 months.
RecordMust have qualifying release within last 36 months.
SongMust have qualifying release within last 12 months.
Male VocalistMust have qualifying release within last 12 months.
Female VocalistMust have qualifying release within last 12 months.
AlbumMust have qualifying release within last 12 months.
MusicianMust appear on qualifying release within last 12 months.
ProducerMust have produced qualifying release within last 12 months.
Rising StarMust have qualifying debut release within last 12 months.
Vocal Duo or GroupMust have qualifying release within last 12 months.
Disc JockeyNone
Internet RadioNone
Broadcast RadioNone
For full qualifications, criteria, etc. visit
If you had a qualifying release and did NOT add it to your inventory at, your window of opportunity is closed. 

So, we’re not going to talk about eligibility anymore.  If you did what we told you needed to be done, you’re eligible.

The nomination period this year is 22 days, so you must act quickly.  Nominations are open from January 1, 2010 to January 22, 2010.  What you have created this year in terms of recorded product may be all that is needed to be offered a nomination, but it never hurts to get some nomination suggestions through the process.  Read on to learn how to make sure you are properly considered for nomination. 
Okay, so how do I get nominated?

First, know the categories. Visit and click on Process and Guidelines to see a list and the criteria for each award.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!  Know what's going on, and what you can do to be a part of it.  Go to the website.  Go to the website.  Go to the website.

READ THE F.A.Q. at  (there are two FAQs there, read them both)

Next, get a nomination logo from
Then, email your fans, industry contacts, and peers.  Ask them to nominate you. Make sure you tell them which categories you are eligible to be nominated in.
Have as many industry professionals as you can suggest a nomination for you. These nominations are important, and remember you can suggest yourself for nomination.  This is important so you can call attention to a particular song, producer, or musician on your project.
The top five qualifying members in each category will be offered the nomination. The Nominating Committee will make the final decision and it is based on eligibility, qualification, matching of the guidelines, and nomination suggestions through the nomination system.  The act with the most nominations through the system does NOT automatically get offered the nomination unless they are in the Live Band, Internet Radio, Broadcast Radio, or Disc Jockey category.

Then what?

Then get ready because voting starts February 1st.  For more information on voting, visit 

You may have questions.  As you can imagine, if we start fielding questions from eight hundred members, we’re not going to be very productive.  Help us out.
So, what if I get offered a nomination?
An official Nomination for a Texas Music Award is one of the most exciting things you can have happen in your music career.  (Only five artists receive an official nomination in each category). Many members can tell you stories about gigs they got or how their asking price easily went up just because they were an official nominee.  Being a nominee can open doors for you without even receiving the award.  Once you're a TMA Nominee, you'll ALWAYS be a TMA Nominee and no one can ever take that away from you.
(i.e. You've heard "Academy award nominee Meryl Streep", etc. - if you are offered an official nomination from the Academy, from now until the end of time you will have that title - "Academy of Texas Music Award Nominee (your name)"  Never hurts to have official titles, does it?

If you are offered a nomination, you should know a few things before you accept it.  You should know that you will obviously incur some personal expenses with respect to being a TMA Nominee.  You will be expected to attend the show and associated events that weekend, which will (obviously) mean not being able to perform a paying gig that weekend.  This is really just common sense, like travel expenses, lodging if needed, and incidental expenses that you may incur. 

What many nominees have done in the past is get their own private sponsors for the TMAs - usually you can get two sponsors for $250 each and cover most of the necessary expenses.  Be creative!

If offered and accepted, the nomination will open other doors to you.  Should you reach that point in this process, we will have tons of additional information for you. 
Please, no phone calls. This is a very busy time for us. Thank you.
Soon, we will give you more info.  All in due time.  We promise we won't forget to tell you about what's next, but open and  read your emails from any of the email addresses listed below.  This is important! 
(Don't forget to check your SPAM folder...)

If you do contact us, your email will be routed to the person handling your type of issue.  You may not get an immediate response.

"I have read the information on the Texas Music Awards website but I still have a question. How do I communicate with you?"

Here's how:

Send email to:
Questions about your CDs or inventory:
Questions about the Texas Music Awards:

Questions about the Academy of Texas Music, Inc.
Now - get the logos you need (link listed earlier in this email), put them on your own website(s) and get nominated!  The nomination period is NOW OPEN.
Best of luck to you, and here we go!  See you May 15th!!!

© Donna Frost 2011